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We'll generate three kinds of content:

  • Video from auto-documentation stations with "push to record" button.
    • Optimized for instant easy content-generation and streaming
  • Video from e.g. a handycam with little to no editing prior to publication
    • For documenting things that aren't stationary in our lab without a lot of forethought
  • Video from a high quality film camera with a high dynamic range
    • For stuff where we want to do color grading and really spend time editing

Auto-documentation stations

juul has been working on this using Raspberry Pi computers.

Handycam recordings

We may want to look at the new HDR-PJ810 and HDR-PJ540 camcorders from Sony. They're not too expensive and have crazy image stabilization, which is one of the biggest problems in hand-held filming. The cheaper model is only ~$500.

High quality film

We probably want something that can record in raw format with a high dynamic range. The nicer DSLR cameras can do that and the magic lantern firmware let's you do it on some of the cheaper models. [[User:juul|juul] has been looking at the Black Magic Design Pocket Cinema Camera which is $1000 from new without a lens, but which a local film-maker that helped out with the indiegogo cheese video is selling (+ lenses and extras) used. Black Magic Design apparently has a really nice free as in beer color grading solution called DaVinci Resolve Lite which even runs on Linux.