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These are some suggested purchases related to documentation, presentation and video recording.

Documentation and streaming built into lab benches, microscope and milliscope

Assuming four lab bench location, one microscope and one milliscope, that's six setups where milliscope will not need any lenses.

Pricing for one location:

  • Raspberry Pi - $35
  • Raspberry Pi camera board - $25
  • Sound card for microphone input - $2.50
  • Microphone - ~$15 (only $2.5 for microscope and milliscope)
  • 3D-printed enclosure: $5
  • Lens: ~$20 (CCTV or camcorder lens)
  • Adjustable camera mount: $10 (not needed for microscope and milliscope)
  • Micro-USB cable for power (with switch) - $5
  • LCD monitor to see what you're doing - Get for free
  • Controls (buttons and switches) - $10
  • Reasonable lighting (maybe just two more of these lamps with a reasonable bulb - $25

The four lab-bench setups will each cost about $120. The microscope and milliscope setups will maybe cost slightly less.

Total: ~$800.


  • Decent projector: $1,000 to $1,500

Coverters and adapters total: ~$68