Streaked new colonies of Bovine alpha S1 and Bovine beta B casein yeast transformations 03Nov2014

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November 03, 2014: Experiment to streak new colonies from the 26Oct2014 yeast transform experiment

  • Location: BioCurious
  • Participants: Rachel, Lafia, Meenakshi, Johan, (other new participant name will be added)
  • Notes: Johan
  • Aims: We wish to verify that our yeast transforms worked. We are streaking colonies from each transform plate into a new plate onto 4 sectors so we can test them separately. In a future experiment we will select a colony from each and miniprep them so we can get them sequenced. That would allow us to know whether our yeast transformation process works and give us the confidence to transform the other casein genes and move onto SDS PAGE.
  • Materials
    • Two blank plates of CM-glucose URA deficient media.
    • Plate of Bovine alpha S1 yeast transformed colonies (designated as #1, result of Oct 26 experiment)
    • Plate of Bovine beta B casein yeast transformed colonies (designated as #8b, result of Oct 26 experiment)
    • New pack of sterile inoculating loops.
  • Methods
    • Hood was prepped using sterile technique.
    • The underside of each plate of CM-glucose URA deficient media is divided into 5 sectors (1 thru 4, plus a negative control - ). The plates were labeled 1 and 8.
    • A colony was chosen from this previously transformed plate #1 and streaked into a sector. This was repeated 4 times using a new plastic inoculating loop. A blank loop was streaking on the negative control sector. This procedure was repeated for plate #8b.
    • Plates were wrapped in foil and placed in 30 degree incubator.