SDS Page-Gel for all the bovine proteins

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SDS Page-Gel for all of the bovine proteins

Monday Nov 24th

SDS Page-Gel for all of the bovine proteins

Participants: Wesley, Meenakshi, Nikola, Johan



3B(100 fold diluted)

6B (100 fold diluted)

7 (100 fold diluted)

2B (100 fold diluted)

control 5FOA

transformed negative control

liquid culture

Bovine Beta B (8) - 20ml + 4ml loading dye

Bovine Alpha A (8) - 20ml + 4ml loading dye


Get 3 colonies from each plates in 1 centrifuge tube + resuspend into 20ml distilled water For casein touch 1 20-2w microliter pipette tip and rinse with 20 microliter dionised water in 1 casein control tube One sample take 1 colony from SFOA (as a negative control) One sample from control yeast transform plate

To run the gel

Take 20 microliter of sample and 4 microliter of loading dye Boil all the samples for 10 minutes

Total amount of loading (1x) buffer we required 400 ml (10 ml of 10x L. Buffer into 90 ml distilled water)

Lane 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Ladder 5FOA Control Control (transformed) Gene (1) Gene (8) Gene (3B) Gene (6B) Gene (7) Casein Bovine B (liquid culture)

Run the gel on 150v for almost 1 hour

Staining and destaining: Coomasie stain solution, destain solution kimwipes (or something else to absorb the coomassie)

Result: We didn't get result on gel