Quantified IDT DNA (human kappa casein kex-) sample on nanodrop spectrophotometer to verify that the resuspension back in September worked.

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November 06, 2014: Experiment to quantify the amount of DNA in the sample received from IDT

  • Location: BioCurious
  • Participants: Aaron Bryan, Johan
  • Notes: Johan
  • Aims: Before ordering the new electra kit, we wish to verify that we correctly resuspended the human kappa casein kex- DNA received from IDT.
  • Materials:
    • Nanodrop Sequencer
    • 1 ul of human kappa casein kex- DNA received from IDT that was resuspended in 10ul of TE/H20 back in Sept. 2014
    • 1 ul of TE/H20 mixed in 1:1 ratio to duplicate resuspension buffer
  • Methods:
    • 1 ul of 50% TE was used to blank the nanodrop. Following this 1ul of the human kappa casein kex- DNA was used to verify the amount of DNA present.
  • Results:

The sample was found have a concentration of 17ng/ul of DNA.