IGEM team meeting notes 11/17/14

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Meeting 11/17/2014 at CCL


    Zoom: Advait, Maria, 
     CCL: Ben, Rebecca, Patrik, Marc, Monty, Rachel, Julian, 

BioCurious: Johan, Lafia, Meenakshi


Indiegogo Fullfillment -

   - Cheese tasting (Benjamin) - pair with beer or sweet white. fruits, crackers, non-vegan cheese to compare to.  Ben will set up a Doodle to determine the best date.  Send care packages to out of country backers.
   - stickers (Marc) - looking into vinyl stickers. edit to add .org? looking into it.
   sticker approval: https://imgur.com/zvmo1YC
   -Maria write letter 
   - T-shirts (Rachel) - looking into it. Choose supplier first and link backers to their sizing chart. As a non-profit, we can get cheap shirts. Cost break by the dozens...144 (in the same size) for American Apparel. 
   - Biohacker lab coat (who?) - no one on this right now? Marc will do this if someone find a labcoat source. Around $30 for the finished coat? May not be able to hit this price. Need to ask about sizes also.  Ask for people to pay out of country shipping if they have not yet.Rebecca will look for labcoat source
   - Molecular jewelry (Patrik) - no update
   - British Science Voiceover (Marc) - no update
   - Learn You Science (Marc) - we have hard copies to send to backers.
   here's the book: https://openstaxcollege.org/files/textbook_version/low_res_pdf/11/col11448-lr.pdf
   - pick our brains (who?) - call craig
   - Biohacker weekend - need to have expression in yeast before we do this
   - your name immortilized (who?)
   - plasmid naming rights - need to have expression in yeast
   Need to set up a store for post-IGG purchases - anyone know how? Carl (Karl?) - reach out to him. Try to set something up by January. Only sell things which will be handled by third parties? There appears to be general support for this plan.

Experiment update and planning Experiments last week:

   No SDS gel this week. Would the native gel have worked (tris gel)? -Johan says it would not
     ->We need to order SDS page gels
     ->The gels we have may be usable: the info for the gels we have: http://www.lifetechnologies.com/order/catalog/product/EC6075BOX says we can use these gels for native or denatured proteins. "For denatured proteins, we recommend using Novex® Tris-Glycine SDS Sample Buffer and Novex® Tris-Glycine SDS Running Buffer." We have NuPAGE® Tris-Acetate SDS Running Buffer (20X). Maybe with right running and sample buffers we can use our gels?
   Ran a midi prep, band was faint, want to rerun more concentrated
   Need pure protein at Biocurious, we have some at CCL which is the whole micelle form
   ->Important to do kappa-casein immediately 

Next experiments this week:

  Friday SDS page. If there is a clear band tonight we can do yeast transformations in the next couple days.
 Looks like next experiments Wednesday and Friday if the gels look good tonight.
 Order PCR primers? -Johan will send out an email with gel results and we will decide on PCR primers.  Looks like we should order these since there could be contamination.
 Do we have PCR supplies? Real Vegan Cheese does not. Rachel will order PCR reagents and primers. Do we want to order DNA away?
 Let's get all our own supplies to keep contamination to a minimum.
 We have been ordering from IDT - continue getting supplies from them.

Patents -

   Start writing provisional! Can submit as soon as wel have results on Kappa
   Patent subgroup: Dmitri, Maria, Marc, 
   Talk to Dmitry Tulchinsky about patents and IP
   Maria will look into what we need to do to get started.
   Ben will help edit.
   Other Stuff:
   -Second copy of the poster and banner, Maria wants to get this done. Need these and the iGEM prize at biocurious.
   -follow up with FDA contacts
   -PDF of poster on website and final iGEM documents.
   -Press release? get it out while iGEM is still in the news?
   -Rebecca will check with Tech Museum folks for possible 2nd iGEM video
   -continue working on ELSEI. Rebecca to follow up with Todd Kuiken and post iGEM ELSEI stuff on the wiki

post-meeting TODO

- Rachel: continue researching T-shirts, order PCR primers and RVC-specific PCR reagents to be kept at BioCurious.