Electra cloning of

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  • Location: BioCurious
  • Participants: Johan, Wesley, Lafia and Nikola

Name of the construct: P. FAKS: human kappa (kex-) S in PD1214

' Component ' Tv = 20 ul
1 Distilled water 1ul
2 Electra buffer (1x) 2ul
3 Daughter vector (casein insert) 1ul
4 Mother Vector (PD 1214) 1ul
5 Electra enzyme mix 15ul

Combine the components

Incubate at 15-20 minutes in room temperature

Negative control plate, just competent cells (DH5alpha)

Positive control plate (PGLO)

5ul of plasmid plus 100ul of competent cells

Total Volume, 105ul - plating to plates