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Website and Wiki

The website at is a wordpress install. The wiki at is a mediawiki install.

We are using the ubuntu packages for both wordpress and mediaiki so they are receiving automatic updates.

For mediawiki we are using the ConfirmAccount extension

We're using a digitalocean droplet for hosting both the wordpress and mediawiki install.

The wordpress theme is a custom theme created by Jared Morgan.

This is all currently administered by Juul.


The digitalocean droplet sends emails for stuff like account confirmation and password resets using postfix but doesn't receive any email. It is included in the SPF record to be allowed to send emails from

Incoming email is handled via (their free service) which is where the realvegancheese MX records point. Currently almost all email is being forwarded. We have several community addresses like and which go to a private mailing list with multiple real vegan cheese admins. The private mailing list is hosted on

We also have several personal forwarding addresses such as which go to people's personal accounts.

Migadu supports full mail accounts so we could set these personal addresses up so we can send from them as well, but currently we haven't used this feature.

This is all currently administered by Juul but several other people have admin access to the mailing list so they can add new people.


The domain is paid for through namecheap and they host the DNS.

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